5 Reasons to Consider Birth Photography

Tell me- what has been the most monumental day of your life?

Was it your wedding day? Or the day you finally graduated after years of hard work and studying? Perhaps it was the day a loved one passed away. Maybe it was the day your bought your first house, made a big lifestyle change, or adopted your first pet.

But regardless of the possibilities above, there is one day that I believe tops them all- the day you meet your child for the first time.

There are so many moments in life that we plan to have photographed, because they're just so special and unique, and we want to remember them forever. Shouldn't the day your baby comes into the world be one of them?

Mom, dad, and their awesome Doula,  Keli , waiting to be checked in to their room.

Mom, dad, and their awesome Doula, Keli, waiting to be checked in to their room.

Here are FIVE REASONS you should consider birth photography for your family:

1. Permission to be Present

Everyone in the delivery room has a job, right? You've got the nurse on the monitors, keeping you on track. You've got the doctor checking in every now and then, and of course, delivering your baby! And your partner (and/or doula, mom, bff) keeping you comfortable, and making sure all of your needs are met.

Just like hiring any professional, when you have a designated birth photographer, you no longer need to worry about anyone else taking time away from being present with you, to try and snap a few photos. 

Partner and doula helping laboring mom

2. Emotion & Connection

I have never witnessed anything as raw, and as beautiful, as the connection between two expecting parents during labor. The love, trust, care, protection, loyalty, and the extreme range of emotions a couple will share is unlike anything I've experienced elsewhere. 

When you hire a birth photographer, you may not initially realize that the majority of the photos will not be of your baby. Instead, they will be telling the story of the love that brought your baby into the world. 

man with his hand over his heart while wife is in labor

3. See Your Own Strength

Yes, you just brought a baby into the world! You're a freaking, Amazon warrior queen who just made a tiny human! That is a seriously big deal, and it definitely wasn't easy.

Sometimes I think we women downplay the whole "making babies" deal. Women have been doing it for forever, right? Let's not make a big deal about it. WELL, I seriously disagree. If your pushing out babies, I want you to see how STRONG you are. Having photos of your labor and delivery should be a reminder that if you can grow a human inside of you, carry her for nine months, and then deliver her after 33 hours of active labor, you can do anything.


4. It Only Happens Once (per kid)

When I asked one couple why they were interested in hiring a birth photographer, their answer was simple:

This will be one of the most important days of our lives.

I couldn't agree more. Couples plan and budget for wedding photographers, and parents will go all out for their child's Mitzvah and Quinceañera celebrations, yet this momentous day in family history almost always goes undocumented. Birth photography is definitely starting to become more popular, but it's still a totally new concept to most expecting parents. 

Mom and dad smiling across hospital bed

5. Memories

The final and most compelling reason you should consider birth photography is for the memories. Twenty, thirty, or forty years down the road, I want you to be able to relive this day. I'm not talking about your strength, or the pain, or the struggle. I'm talking about the feeling of holding your child for the first time. Remembering those impossibly small fingers and toes. Watching your partner fall in love with your child. 

Of course you'll never forget the day your child was born, but there's something so tangible about a photograph. You're able to physically hold a moment in time, and let all of those initial emotions wash over you again and again. 

dad smiling down at new baby in moms arms

If you're interested in birth photography, jump over to my booking page to send me a message. I would love to get coffee and hear more about your story!



I also want to give a shout out to two fantastic resources for expecting parents in the Main Line area. The first is my friend, Keli. She is an amazing Doula, who also offers classes for expecting parents! You can learn more about what she does on her website. The second is the phenomenal group of women down at Hatch Motherhood in Wayne, PA. Looking for a supportive community during AND after your pregnancy? Check them out. Their fitness and education classes are second to none.

doula helping a laboring mom
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