Meet the Photographer!

From the moment she walked in, it was obvious that working with people—and especially children—is a unique and amazing gift she possesses; she is, hands down, one of the most immediately likable people I have ever met.
— Meredith E.

Hey everyone, my name is Jessa!

It has come to my attention that people may like to know who they're inviting into their home/lives to photograph them. Makes sense, I suppose! So here's a little bit about me & my approach to photography. 


I'm a 25 year old, Eastern University grad. I studied Anthropology in undergrad, but went on to nanny full-time after college. That 3-year position was such a blessing in my life! I fell completely in love with the most perfect tiny human on the planet & I also had the opportunity to start learning photography (with the best model!). 


After my full-time position with her family came to an end (wahhh, pre-school comes too quickly!), I decided to try my hand at professional photography. My experience working with kids, as well as my plain old love for everything childlike, has given me a HUGE advantage in family photography! So often, I hear moms & dads voicing a fear that their kids won't smile or behave for a photo session. And while I admit I'm often incapable of making conversation with anyone over the age of 12, I never have trouble connecting with the little ones!


I don't currently have any kiddos of my own, but I do share my home with my lovely girlfriend, Sarah, and our adorable service puppy in-training, Totie. (More info about Totie and her program HERE!). I love flowers and plants of every kind (Sarah once counted & determined that we have 50+ plants in the house!), and there is rarely a day of the year that I'm not drinking iced coffee. 

black lab puppy

I also have a wonderfully supportive family out in Chambersburg, PA (brother not pictured; sorry bro)!

harsh light

All in all, I'm a fun loving, easy going person who loves to take meaningful pictures. I would love to meet you & your family and document the love that you have for each other! Shoot me an email if you're interested; I'll bring the coffee!

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