A Day in the Life - Gold Family

I love getting to meet new families, every week. It's such a privilege to be invited into someones home, their safe space, and meet them where they're at. A couple of weeks ago, I met this beautiful family. Mom works full time AND has her own booming Etsy business. Dad is an anesthesiologist in the ER. Together, they adopted their first fur baby, Panda (who is just adorable) and this past year they had their first child. All this to say- life can be so busy, and time flies by. I'm so happy that I was able to make these pictures for mom and dad, and also for little P when he gets older, so that he can see how hard his parents work, and how very much he is loved!

I absolutely loved this day, and meeting you all!

Mom wiping babys eyes
Baby climbing on the table
Mom changing babys clothes
dog portrait
mom smiling at baby and dog
dad coming home and greeting the family
mom laughing with baby
dad holding baby while looking in the fridge
baby sitting on moms lap
baby giving dad a high five
baby yawning
family waiting for the wagon
baby laughing with a mouth full of food
mom and dad decorating for christmas
dog reaching up to see the baby on the changing table
family walking through bamboo forest
baby being tickled
dog covered in baby throw up
mom washing the dog in her shower
baby getting a bath in the pink bathroom
dad drying off the baby with a towel
mom cleaning the rug with baking soda
mom holding baby close
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