A Day in the Life - Birthday Edition

I was so happy to spend the day with these wonderful people.

First of all, it was this little boy's birthday; so that's really fun! We started the morning with donuts, a call to grandma, and a trip to Linvilla to see the animals. Throw in some finger painting, a family movie night (Toy Story- the best), and a lot of extra books and snuggles from mom and dad, and I'd say the day was pretty awesome.

Also, please take note of this little one who snuck a fistful of french fries into bed for her nap.

I'm in love.

Mom and dad waking up the birthday boy
toddler stuffing a whole donut in her mouth
mom and kids facetiming grandma
kids and dad feeding the baby puffs
little girl in a pumpkin hoodie covering her face with a fire helmet
mom telling son not to step in puddle
whole family at the park
boy enjoying lunch of chick fil a
toddler eating french fries in bed
dad reading son a book before nap
mom playing with the baby
Momma pulls the baby back by his leg
little girl making a fuss after nap time
hilarious family scene
whole family watching toy story
bedtime crazyness
mom kissing son goodnight
Jessica Strom