A Birth Story

I LOVE making pictures of labor and birth. You heard right- BIRTH!

When I mention that I offer Birth Story photography, I almost always get a funny look. "Wait, what kind of photography? Like... actually, messy, awful, kind of gross... birth.. photography?"

Well, yes! But while some might immediately think of anatomy class, or a step-by-step of the birthing process, the end result is entirely different. A Birth Story focuses on the whole family. In it, you see love, devotion, & loyalty. This momma labored for 30 hours, and I swear, dad didn't leave her side for more than a few minutes the entire time. 

Being able to be present in the room where a woman is laboring is an extreme honor. I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to document this birth. The struggle was real, and momma was SO strong. She pushed through in the end (like I said, after 30 hours!) and was amazingly able to give birth vaginally, as she had hoped to do! When their little one finally made her entrance, the entire room was on cloud nine. 

Also, extreme props to this couples AMAZING doula- Keli Engelson. Be sure to check her out here, and learn more about her birth classes!

paoli hospital check in
goal of the day - meet baby
woman laughing during contractions with husband
mom showering off during labor
dad worrying about wife in labor
nurse comes in to check on everything
dad with his hand over his heart
woman pushing in labor
dad and mom smiling at each other during pushing
baby arrives and mom and dad find out it's a girl
fresh baby
dad smiling at baby and wife
baby on the scales
doula writing in the gender of the baby!
dad holding baby girl for the first time
Jessica Strom