A Day in the Life - Dobrikovic Family

Being a single parent is no joke!

I'm continually impressed by the strength and patience I see in families that I photograph, but there's just something extra there for me when it comes to single moms. This momma was just incredible to be around. With three kids and a puppy, she is not only owning the parenting game, but she's also a business owner! On top of that, the entire day in this house was just plain FUN.

This "normal day" was pretty dang awesome. It included riding the kid-sized Escalade to school, spontaneous dance parties, decorating for the holidays, a campfire before dinner, and finally, a movie night in moms bed. Does it get better than that?! I'm a tiny bit obsessed with how much these kids obviously love each other and their momma. These are definitely family goals.


mom brushing girls hair
boy throwing clothes at mom from his bunkbed
little feet running up the steps
everyone riding to school in the toy car
coming home from school
mom and daughter making holiday bows
mom laughing and kids on the stairs
boy breaking sticks off a tree
whole family outside by the fire
portrait of girl in a coat by the fire
family pizza night
kids tackling mom on the bed
boy playing the drums on moms boobs
mom pretending to sleep with her head on daughters butt
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