A Day of Love & Laughter

This is a snippet of pictures from a recent Day in the Life session.

Let me tell you- I LOVE getting to hang out with families for a whole day.

This family was such a blast. The girls were SO happy, and so obviously loved. The day started with a pajama tea party, eating yogurt (and also mom's yogurt!), and an awesome bubble bath. Later, we took a bike ride during the baby's nap time, then a trip to the playground, and a quick stop at the grocery store. A delicious meal of homemade mac and cheese (am I the only one impressed by that? It was SO GOOD!), a dance party, and a few nighttime snuggles later, and the day was done.

Nothing crazy, or out of the ordinary, but there were SO many beautiful, hilarious, and special moments that I'm so glad I was able to capture. Thanks again for inviting me into your home, Suzann! It was truly a pleasure to spend the day with you all.


girl eating yogurt off mom's spoon
little girl looking at mom and sister in the mirror
Baby playing with the blinds
mom giving daughter a hug
girl on bike making a face at mom
mom and daughter laughing together
baby getting a bottle from dad
mom giving baby a kiss from dads arms
dad playing pee-a-boo with girls
little feet in the air
family on the slide
daughter with mom at the checkout
dad giving daughter a hug before bed
Girl sucking her thumb on the living room floor
Jessica Strom