A day in the life: WEBSTER family

Last week I had the utmost pleasure of spending the day with one of my favorite families, the Websters! Jenn & Riley are the amazing parents of 3 year old Logan, and 6 month old Evan. Our day got off to a bit of a late start when Evan was sick throughout the night leading up to our shoot, but did that put the Websters off from a full day of photojournalism in the home? NOPE! I showed up once everyone was up and feeling better, and we went on to have a totally fun, low-key day together!


Riley & Jenn- you guys are awesome. Watching you parent and love and give of yourselves all day long without breaking stride or losing your mind was inspiring! I can't wait to watch your family grow throughout the years. Here are just a few pictures from our day together; hopefully down the road you'll be able to look back and remember just how wonderful and challenging these early years were! Love you guys!