Look at that face! That messy, post-nap hair! Sitting at the top of the stairs in the house where she took her first steps. This is Dani. Just waking up, her favorite pal, “Kitty cat” following wherever she goes. It’s just one picture, but it’s a full year of memories. This is lifestyle photography.

I’ve recently started introducing myself as a lifestyle photographer, and I’ve realized that a lot of people don’t know quite that that means. Let’s start with the Internet definition! Lifestyle photography is “a kind of photography which mainly aims to capture people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner, and the art of the everyday.”

There you have it! Lifestyle photography is capturing everyday life. So no matter what kind of session you’re after (newborn, engagement, family, senior pictures, etc.), lifestyle photography aims to document those moments as genuinely as possible.

Lifestyle photography is usually done in the home, but could also work well in a place that has meaning to the client(s). In the home, kids are much more natural and relaxed. While it can be hard to capture an authentic smile in a posed, outdoor photo shoot, kids laugh with ease in their own space. 

In nearly every lifestyle session I've booked thus far, I've had parents voice concern about their home being too messy for pictures. That being said, real life isn't the stuff of magazine covers. Think about the small things in life that make you smile: morning snuggles, mismatched socks, older siblings reading to the little ones. Your home is the perfect backdrop to all of your favorite moments. And don’t forget about those four-legged family members. There are a host of details that make your family unique, and that is worth capturing!

I love, love, love being able to provide a family or couple with images from a lifestyle shoot! Pictures become infinitely more valuable when there are memories that go along with them. I just think that life is really beautiful and the everyday moments pass too quickly.

That’s why I choose lifestyle!


Thanks guys! Shoot me an email if you’d like to schedule a session!


Jessica Strom